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Our kennel " Salgrey's "  is registered in FCI  22.06.2010.  
In the breeding work uses qualitative breeding manufacturers,
checked up on health and character.
Objective of kennel is reception of dogs high  qualities,
excellent health and character

Ours greyhounds

Greyhounds graceful, tremendous beauty and grace good-natured giants.

грейхаунд, Бэлла - Jet's Because I'm Worth Itin 2007 our kennel was imported first greyhound, the first breeding female red color Jet's Because I'm Worth It (home name Bella) of the leading kennel of the world "Jet's" Norway. I am grateful breeder and kennel owner Espen Engh of trust and their dogs! Espen Engh became our friend and teacher in this breed.







грейхаунд, сука, Navajo dell'Attimo Fuggente (Навайя)In 2008 our kennel was imported second breeding female white brindle Navajo dell'Attimo Fuggente (home name Navajo) from the famous Italian kennel "Attimo Fuggente" (Milan). I thank my lucky stars that she introduced me to these wonderful  people, breeders and owners of the kennel  are Giorgio Minelli and Pio Galli. These two amazing person I have become very family friends. Giorgio and Pio - thank you for your friendship and for your dog! I would add that this nursery is very recognizable breed type greyhound.





грейхаунд, кобель, Jet's Magnet' n Steel (Удик)in 2009 our kennel was imported first stud dog brindle from our friendly Norwegian Kennel "Jet's" - Jet's Magnet'N Steel (home name Udik). Confident, stable and important. Strong bones, good condition, high, and with all that he is present elegance, which should be a greyhound.
I am very pleased and grateful to the breeders for their excellent representatives, who now live in my kennel.


Ours  saluki

салюки, сука, Basarat Karim CleopatraYou want to know the riddle, you will never adventure, "... Let go of your life Saluki. Knowing her, learn the fine line of peace, wisdom comes much earlier age.
In 2008, our nursery were brought to two breeding female grizzly and red color of the leading Moscow kennel "Basarat Karim" - Basarat Karim Cleopatra








салюки, сука, Basarat Karim Caesaria (Цезария)and Basarat Karim Caesaria. Thank breeder and kennel owner Irina Spasenkovoy for two excellent representatives of the breed Saluki. It should be noted that in the genealogy of our two representatives are descendants of the leading nurseries in Europe and America, such as Castlebay, Wisdom `s, Cazella, Dabka` s, Khalils, Kirman, Bostan-I-Elbekh, El-Ubaid's.

Both Saluki show excellent results both at exhibitions and at the Coursing and racing. Remarkable Saluki.





And so I thank all the breeders of this breed for their friendship and communication. In fact, we're all lucky! We have a greyhound!

In November, 2010 we have made mating ours female Basarat Karim Cleopatra with excellent male El'Ubaid's Quadham who has been received in kennel El'Ubaid's from two representatives imported to Holland from the USA. El'Ubaid's Qudham (Kenso) has been sold to Lithuania in wonderful family to owner Ilona Aleknavicien about which we have got acquainted and began to communicate.
Kenso very beautiful dog with excellent character. We have decided to connect two types salukis — classical European and American, but the confidant on a phenotype each other.
In puppies we wished to receive saluki with excellent temperament and type, approached to American, but not strongly extreme lines. At us was born 9 puppies different colore — tricolour, black with  cream, grizzle deer (grey),  grezzle deer (red), grezzle black with silver. All puppies live in excellent families, we observe as they grow.
For the further breeding we have left one female in our kennel tricolour colore Salgrey's Abia (Gera). We very much wait from Gera for excellent victories over rings and in the further we plan to receive from her puppies.